About Hues

Good for your body, good for the environment. That is the motto that has driven me as I create for Hues Nails and Beauty.

Hues is run by me, Alissa-Marie. I've always loved creating for others; whether it's cooking, sewing, or concocting up new organic products (I wasn't dubbed the mad scientist for naught), making something and sharing it with others is my passion.

Hues was initially created for my nail polishes. While I have always loved painting my nails, in the past I was left with damaged nails and peeling skin. I found out that most mainstream nail polish brands use harmful chemicals, which means that I wasn't the only one suffering! I wanted better option that wasn't harsh on the skin, and I wanted them to be available for everyone. Thus started my journey in making polishes in a variety of hues.

One thing lead to another, and I started my face care line. Growing up with sensitive skin, it was always difficult to find face care products that didn't cause a flare up of acne--or worse. My goal has been to source ethical ingredients naturally found in our environment. Going back to basics really helped improve my skin, and I'm hoping to benefit others as well!

With the craziness of the pandemic, I went back to sewing, my childhood passion. Although at the beginning I was focused on making masks, I began experimenting with organza and other fabrics, even dabbling with jewelry. Now I have some beautiful accessories that I can share with everyone. 

As a small business, I create in small batches, which means my shop items are all created personally and with love.